Turned Balusters from Hanson - Supporting staircases with style.

Custom designed or designed to match.

Collaborating with home architects, builders and interior designers from across the country, Hanson Woodturning routinely develops custom wooden baluster, finial and newel designs that can truly turn a staircase or entranceway into a work of art.

Hanson also supports many fine stair builders and general contractors who are looking to replace or re-create a cherished wood baluster, wood finial or wood newel post [LINK] for their customers' existing staircase.

With the tools, patience and skill to turn out and deliver a perfect match every time - Hanson Woodturning designs and builds hand-tuned hardwood balusters, spindles and many other replacement wood stair parts.

When necessary for production work, Hanson wood turners can also employ the use of two, custom built Torreda "twin knife" copy lathes originally manufactured in Spain. The use of this type of powerful and efficient copy lathe insures the precise duplication of each piece.

From producing large runs of a specific baluster design to creating a single, hand-turned piece made with the fine attention to detail that produced the original piece, Hanson craftsmen deliver quality at every turn.

Check out photos of some of our most recent work in the Gallery below.

For a free design quote or question about replacing a worn or broken staircase baluster, finial, newel post, cap or another piece of architectural millwork, contact Hanson Woodturning today.