Turned wood columns, posts and pedestals. Stave built up to 32' (ø) in diameter.

Hanson Woodturning has the right equipment, skill and capacity to build or recreate large columns, posts and pedestals in a variety of architectural styles.

Equipped with a large, beautifully restored and customized Fay & Scott Pattern Maker's Lathe (originally manufactured in nearby Dexter, Maine in the 1920's) Hanson Woodturning is uniquely qualified to handle large wood turning projects with precision and care.

Hanson has supplied large, tapered columns and porch posts for town halls, churches and private homes throughout New England for many years. Using a time honored wood turning technique called stave (or barrel) construction, the craftsmen at Hanson Woodturning are able to create very large columns that are up to 20 feet long from 12, 16 or 24 sided blanks. Each column, post or pedestal is also perfectly matched with a cap and base.

From building custom pool table legs, architectural columns and large pedestals to creating detailed patterns, templates and forms, builders, designers and restoration professionals rely on Hanson's ability to deliver excellence - on time, on budget and right - every time.

Check out photos of some of our most recent work in the Gallery below.

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